AI Guide

About this document

Sipeed has launched a series of AI development boards, including:

  • Maix-I(M1) series of MaixBit, Maixduino M1s-Dock and other microcontroller development boards with hardware AI acceleration.
  • Cost-effective SOC development boards with AI hardware acceleration, such as M2-Dock MaixSense of the Maix-II(M2) series.
  • High-performance SOC development boards such as M3 AX-Pi of the Maix-III(M3) series.

In order to popularize the application of AI on edge devices, Sipeed has developed easy-to-use MaixPy and MaixPy3 SDKs, and supplied MaixHub platform to make developers can easily train models without AI programming foundation and AI training experience.

On this basis, this document is dedicated to providing developers with an AI development guide, the purpose is to allow novices to quickly get started with AI applications, or developers who have mastered AI related knowledge to quickly apply the results to the device or on the product.
The content includes but is not limited to:

  • Basic knowledge of AI
  • Model training guide
  • AI tutorial recommendation
  • AI interesting project recommendation
  • Commonly used tools
  • Edge Device Deployment Guide

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