pye (Micropython Editor)

In MaixPy, we have built-in an open source editor Micropython Editor(pye)

Note that this function is not included in the minimum version of the firmware

Use os.listdir() to view the files in the current directory,

Use pye("") to create a file and enter the editing mode, and the instructions for using shortcut keys can be found in [here]( /Pyboard%20Editor.pdf)

For example, we write code

print("hello maixpy")

Then press Ctrl+S and press Enter to save, press Ctrl+Q to exit editing

Note: The use of this editor has certain requirements for the serial tool used. The BackSpace key must be set to the DEL function, otherwise pressing BackSpace will call the same function as Ctrl+H ( That is character replacement).

It is recommended to use minicom under Linux, you need to use sudo minicom -s to set, refer to previous tutorial

The same is true under Windows, search the setting method according to the tool you use, such as xshell search xshell How to set backspace to del to get the result:

File -> Properties -> Terminal -> Keyboard,
Change the sequence of delete and backspace to ASCII 127.