Modules using Grove standard interfaces, Grove is a unified interface system used by the Seeed team, and currently supports a large number of modules.

Grove interface

The cables of the Grove interface have 4 colors, and users can quickly distinguish them according to the colors

pin color description
pin 1 yellow (for example, SCL on I2C Grove Connectors)
pin 2 white (for example, SDA on I2C Grove Connectors)
pin 3 Red VCC (All Grove ports are VCC in red)
pin 4 black GND (all Grove ports are GND in black)

Grove module mainly has 4 kinds of interfaces:

  1. Grove Digital digital interface:

    The Grove digital interface consists of four standard wires of Grove plugs.

    The two signal lines are usually called D0 and D1.

    Most modules only use D0, but some (like LED Bar Grove displays) use both. Usually the core board will call the first Grove connector on the board as D0, and the second as D1. The first The connector will be connected to the DO/D1 pin of the main control chip, the second connector will be connected to the D1/D2 pin of the main control chip, and the following connectors will be deduced by analogy.
pin Function Note
pin1 Dn First digital input
pin2 Dn+1 The second digital input
pin3 VCC power supply pin 5V/3.3V
pin4 GND ground
  1. Grove UART :

    The Grove UART is a special digital input and output interface.

    It uses pins 1 and 2 for serial input and transmission.

    Pin 1 is the RX line (used to receive data, so it is input),
    Among them, pin 2 is the TX line (used to transmit data to the Grove module).
pin Function Note
pin1 RX Serial Receive
pin2 TX Serial transmission
pin3 VCC Power supply pin 5V/3.3V
pin4 GND Ground
  1. Grove I2C:

    There are many types of I2C Grove sensors available.
    The Grove on MaixCube only supports 3.3V sensors

The Grove I2C connector has a standard layout. Pin 1 is the SCL signal, and pin 2 is the SDA signal

pin Function Note
pin1 SCL I2C clock
pin2 SDA I2C data
pin3 VCC Power supply pin, 5V/3.3V
pin4 GND Ground

For details, please refer to: Grove_System

Peripheral Module

The following peripherals all use Grove interface