MaixPy Development Board Power

When we get the MaixPy development board

Check the hardware

Check whether the hardware is damaged, and whether the camera and the screen are connected properly. Do not connect the cable reversely.

Connect the hardware

Connect the Type C cable, one end of the computer and the other end of the development board

Check whether the device has been correctly identified:

In Windows, you can open the Device Manager to view

Under Linux, you can use ls /dev/ttyUSB* or ls /dev/ttyACM* to view, if not, you can search for ls /dev. The specific device name is related to the serial port chip and driver

If the device is not found, you need to confirm whether the driver is installed and the contact is good

After power on, if it is a new factory development board, it may display a red background. The foreground is a simple MaixPy introduction, including the official website address. The screen is still, and it needs to be changed by the following programming.

Check the firmware version

Use Serial Terminal to open the serial port, and then reset, see the output version information, and github or [master branch](http://dl. firmware version comparison, consider upgrading to the latest version according to the current version

such as:

[MaixPy] init end

 __ __ _____ __ __ _____ __ __
| \/ | /\ |_ _| \ \ / / | __ \ \ \ / /
| \ / | / \ | | \ V / | |__) | \ \_/ /
| |\/| | / /\ \ | |> <| ___/ \ /
| | | | / ____ \ _| |_ /. \ | | | |
|_| |_| /_/ \_\ |_____| /_/ \_\ |_| |_|

Official Site:

MicroPython v0.5.0-12-g284ce83 on 2019-12-31; Sipeed_M1 with kendryte-k210
Type "help()" for more information.

View version number:

The version here is v0.5.0-12-g284ce83, you can also use the following code to view the version

Note: The firmware can be obtained from the download site

import sys

If you encounter problems during the development process, you can also try to update the firmware to the latest version first

Execute code

  • After opening the serial port terminal, press the reset button of the development board to see the printed boot information and output

That is, we are waiting for us to enter the code. If there is no such symbol, there may be a program running automatically when booting up. You can press Ctrl+C to cancel the running program

  • Then enter the program to execute
>>> print("hello world")
hello world

Paste and execute multiple lines of code

When we have multiple lines of code copied from other places, such as

import os
f = os.listdir()
  • Copy the code first
  • Press Ctrl+E on the serial terminal
  • Paste the code
  • Press Ctrl+D (note that if you did not press Ctrl+E before, it is a software reset command, MaixPy will soft reset), and then you can see all the codes are executed

If the amount of data is relatively large, the serial port may lose data, which will result in a syntax error. You can try several times