Lichee 86 Panel


Lichee RV-86 Panel is a development kit designed for smart home central control sence. it's equipped with LicheeRV Core board (ALlwinner D1 chip with 512MB ddr3), 4-inch touch IPS screen, Wifi+BT module, Ethernet, two digital silicon mic and GPIO expansion interface. For software it can use Linux OS (Openwrt or Debian) and Ali WATF(WAFT is a high-performance application research framework for aiot based on WebAssembly and their own rendering engine)

Basic board


Item Value
Core board Sipeed LicheeRV Nezha compute bar
Display Default Bundle for 4-inch 480*480 standard definition IPS capacitive touch screen
Optional upgrade to 4-inch 720*720 high definition IPS capacitive touch screen
Reserver 8-inch 1280*800 IPS capacitive touch screen interface
Audio Onboard 1W mini speaker, Dual digital silicon microphone
Network XR829 WIFI+BT wireless module
RTL8201F 100M Ethernet
Reserved RJ45 ethernet pad
USB USB-C OTG interface on core board
Reserved USB-C HOST and USB-uart interface
Power Support 5V,12V power supply (Onboard DC-DC )
Extension pins Double 2x8Pin 2.54mm Pin headers,Reserved FPCIO
Shell Optional 86 panel 3D print shell,download 3D file here source
Dimension 86x86mm
Usage situations Smart home center control unit,WAFT UI evaluation
Development framework Support WAFT (WebAssembly Framework For Things)runtime
Operating system Support OpenWRT and Debian
Development resource Provide docker development image of the original SDK

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Basic usage


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