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Module summary

Sipeed M0S is a ultra-low power consumption tiny IOT module based on BL616 of Bouffalo Lab, supports wireless protocol like Wifi6, BT 5.2 and zigbee, 320MHz default frequency, tiny size and ultra-low power mode and various wake sources of the chip meet different low power scenarios.

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Module Feature

  • Tri-Mode Wireless: WiFi6 / BT 5.2 / Zigbee
  • High Frequency:320MHz default
  • Ultra-low Power Consumption:Wifi6 low power consumption feature
  • DSP Acceleration:Support RISC-V P Extended instruction set, double speeds up TinyMaix reasoning frame.
  • High speed USB:Support USB2.0 HS OTG,up to 480Mbps
  • Rich peripheral ports:Support RGB LCD,DVP Camera,Ethernet RMII and SDIO
  • Tiny Size:Place ceramic antenna on 10x11 mm tiny size, and route all IO out

Module Parameter

M0S Module
Main Chip BL616
RISC-V CPU:RV32GCP@320MHz default
480KB SRAM + 4MB Flash inside
- Support Wi-Fi6
- Support Bluetooth 5.2 Dual-mode(BT+BLE)
- Support Zigbee
Onboard components
Ceramic antenna
Size:10mm (W) x 11mm (H)
Package file (KiCAD):Click me
3D model file:Click me




Model M0S Module ESP32-S3 N4 Module
Chip BL616(RV32GCP) ESP32-S3 (LX7)
Frequency 320MHz 240MHz
SRAM 480KB 520KB
Flash 4MByte 4MByte
Wifi WiFi6 WiFi4
Bluetooth BT5.2 BT5
USB USB2.0 HS OTG 480Mbps USB2.0 FS OTG 12Mbps
DVP Camera Yes Yes
Size 10mm x 11mm 18mm x 25.5mm
Model platform TinyMaix + MaixHub ---

M0S Dock

M0S Dock
Module x 1 M0S Module
Key x 1 Press this key then boot this device to burn this module
LED x 3 One power LED,Two user LEDs
TypeC Port x 1 To download firmware or other custom USB function
IO connector x 10 8 IO route to Pin headers
2 IOs near TypeC Port
Schematic 点我


M0S Module
Development · C SDK
· MaixHAL C
· PikaPython
Burn Firmware · USB uart burn
· · USB burn
AI Framework TinyMaix Framework
AI model · MaixHub
Sipeed examples · https://github.com/sipeed/M0S_BL616_example


Item Attention
Electrostatic protection Avoid static electricity hitting the PCBA. Release the static electricity of hand before touching the PCBA
Operating voltage Do not allow the actual operating voltage of the GPIO to exceed the rated value, otherwise the PCBA will be permanently damaged
Plug and Remove Power off completely before plugging or removing it
Avoid short circuit During the power-on, avoid any liquid or metal touching PCBA components,otherwise the PCBA will be damaged even burn


M0sense eets different needs of customers in various scenarios. Please contact email support@sipeed.com for technical support and business cooperation.