MaixDuino Development Board


SIPEED MaixDuino is an Arduino-compatible development board based on our M1 module (main controller: Kendryte K210).

MaixDuino integrates camera, TF card slot, user buttons, TFT display, MaixDuino expansion interface. Users can use MaixDuino to easily build a face recognition access control system, and also reserve a development and debugging interface, which can also be used as a functioning powerful AI learning development board.

MaixDuino Features



Onboard features

  • DC Barrel Power Jack: 6~12V DC power input
  • USB Type-C: For power input and debug interface
  • DVP 24PIN: Camera interface
  • TF slot: For SD/TF card
  • ESP32: WiFi and Bluetooth support via SPI
  • I2C DAC
  • PA PAM8403A


MaixDuino Description

The Maixduino development board uses the powerful M1Al module as the core unit. The module has a built-in 64-bit dual-core processor chip and 8MB on-chip SRAM. It has outstanding performance in Al machine vision and hearing performance with a total computing power up to 1TOPS (FPU, Fast Fourier Transform Accelerator), which can easily implement machine vision/auditory algorithms for various application scenarios, and can also perform preprocessing for voice direction scanning and voice data output. In addition, the development board is also equipped with an ESP32 module (WiFi+Bluetooth integrated), which can be easily connected to the Internet with simple operations.

K210 chip features
Core RISC-V Dual Core 64bit, with FPU
Frequency 400MHz (Can be overclocked to 600MHz)
SRAM built-in 8MB
Image Recognition QVGA@60fps/VGA@30fps
Speech Recognition Microphone array (8mics)
Network Model
  • Support YOLOv3
  • Mobilenetv2
  • TinyYOLOv2
  • facial recognition, etc.
  • Deep Learning Framework Supports TensorFlow, Keras, Darknet, Caffe, other mainstream frameworks
    Peripherals FPIOA, UART, GPIO, SPI, I2C, I2S, TIMER
    Video Processing
  • Neural Network Processor (KPU)
  • FPU Meets IEEE754-2008 Standard
  • Audio Processor (APU)
  • Fast Fourier Transform Accelerator (FFT)
  • ESP32 Module
    Core ESP32-D0WDQ6(Xtensa 32-bit core)
    Wireless Standards 802.11b/g/n
    Radio Frequencies 2400MHz-2483.5MHz
    Wireless Protocols 2.4Ghz WiFi, Dual-mode Bluetooth (BT & BLE4.2)
    Antenna PCB Onboard Antenna
    Development board features
  • 1x RGB LED
  • 1x MEMS Microphone
  • 1x USB to serial port
  • Interfaces
  • USB Type-C interface
  • 24PIN DVP camera interface
  • 24PIN LCD interface
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Audio interface (supports 3 external speakers)
  • Part of the IO pin header
  • Size 60*88mm
    Supply Voltage 5.0V @ 300mA(300mA minimum)
    Operating Temperature -30℃ ~85C
    Operating Systems FreeRTOS, RT-Thread, etc
    Development Environments MaixPy IDE、PlatformlO IDE、Arduino IDE, etc
    Programming languages C,C++,MicroPython

    Product Technical Support

    Maix series of products can meet the different needs of customers in a variety of scenarios, and have been widely used in AIoT. The quality and performance have a very good reputation in the industry. The professional technical team solves hardware design and software functions for our customers. For professional technical support and more detailed information, please contact