Install on Windows

Edit on 2022.05.17

Install TD

We can download TD install-package and get its license from Download station.
This may take a really long time to download.
But we need it to development tang primer

Install-package :TD_5.0.4_27252_Win7_64bit_NL.msi
License file:Anlogic_20230606.lic

Double click the Install-package to install this software, and rename the license file Anlogic_20230606.lic as Anlogic.lic, then move the license file to the TD5.0.27252\license folder in the installed path.

Then we can run TD

Install the USB serial port

Connect Tang Primer with computer and open device manager to see device information.
It may be named WinUsb Device or USB-JTAG-Cable duo to different Windows verison.
Make sure USB VID:PID is 0547:1002

  • Windows7 without installing driver


  • Windows10 without installing driver


Install driver on windows7

Double WinUsb Device and choose 更新驱动程序(P)

Select the driver directory where the TD installed. Click 确定 to install the driver.


After succeed installing,we can see this in device manager

Install driver on windows10

Before installing the driver itself, make sure you disable driver signature enforcement first, otherwise Windows 10 won’t allow you to install the unsigned driver from Anlogic.

Double click on USB-JTAG-Cable to select update driver

Browse the folder and select the driver\win8_10_64 directory under the TD installation directory. Click OK. Then click on Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.

Click on Have Disk..., then select the directory you selected in the last step, then click OK.

The installation is successful and can be seen in the device manager.

Check if device detected by Tang Dynasty IDE

Click on Download button as shown in following image.

Plugin Tang Primer into your computer and click Refresh buttion on Download Dialog box.

Congratulations, you have setup the TD driver on Windows.