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  • Product Overview

    Tang Mega 138K uses a 22nm process GW5AST-LV138FPG676A FPGA chip, which has 138,240 lookup table units and nearly 300 DSP units. It contains eight high-speed transceivers with a speed range of 270Mbps ~ 12.5Gbps, suitable for transmitting data through high-speed ports such as fiber optics or PCIE. In addition, the chip contains a hard-core PCIE, which consumes better resources when using PCIE and achieves better performance. It is suitable for high-speed communication, protocol conversion, high-performance computing, and other occasions.

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    Board Features

    • Large capacity LUT
    • Large capacity memory
    • PCIe 3.0 x 4
    • SFP+ x 2
    • RISCV hard core

Product Appearance

Hardware Parameters

SOM Board Parameters

Item Parameter comment
Logic Unit (LUT4) 138240
Register (FF) 138240
Distributed SRAM (S-SRAM) (Kbits) 1080
Block SRAM (B-SRAM) (Kbits) 6120
Number of Block SRAMs (B-SRAM) (pcs) 340
Multiplier (18x18 Multiplier) 298
Phase-Locked Loop (PLLs) 12
Global Clock 16
High-Speed Clock 24
Transceivers 8
Transceivers Rate 270Mbps-12.5Gbps
PCIE Hard Core 1
Speed optional x1, x2, x4, x8 PCIe 3.0
LVDS (Gbps) 1.25
DDR3 (Mbps) 1,333
MIPI D-PHY Hard Core 2.5Gbps (RX),
8 data channels,
2 clock channels
Hard Core SoC RiscV AE350_SOC
Total I/O Bank 10
Memory 1GB DDR3 512MB x 2
Flash 128Mbits Flash x 2 See How to Burn to Flash
Debug Interface Jtag + Uart JST SH1.0 8Pins Connector
Overall Package 50mm x 70mm Size BTB CONN. Connects the SOM and the Dock Board

Dock board Parameters

Item Quantity Remarks
WS2812 1 The WS2812 & aRGB strip CONN. share the same pin
Button 4
SFP+ 2
Gigabit Ethernet 1
DVI RX 2 Mutually occupied with DVI TX
DVI TX 2 Mutually occupied with DVI RX
WS2812 1 The aRGB strip CONN. & WS2812 share the same pin
DVP Interface 1
RGB Interface 1 Supports RGB888 screen
MIC ARRAY Interface 1 Supports connecting Sipeed 6+1 microphone array
SD Card Slot 1
EEPROM 1 Can store necessary information
M.2 Socket 1 Reserved, can write peripheral driver yourself
PWM Fan Interface 1
Speaker Interface 1
3.5mm Headphone Jack 1
Custom USB 1 Cannot power the board
MS5351 2 Provides RefClk for Serdes; control output via onboard UART
USB JTAG&UART 1 Supports FPGA programming and provides UART function
40P Pin Header 1
Power Switch 1
12V DC 1

Hardware Resources

Board Specification
Board Schematic
Board Dimension Diagram
Board 3D Model
Some Chip Manuals

Getting Started

Note that 138K Pro is currently not supported by the education version, and you need to download V1.9.9 or a newer version of the commercial IDE for use.
Lic can be applied on the Gowin official website, or you can use the online Lic service provided by Sipeed. In the IDE, select Float Lic and fill in the following information:

port: 10559

if the ip not work, try use "gowinlic.sipeed.com" domain's IP.

Install IDE Click me

Example code github


Item Precautions
Chip Model The specific model of the FPGA chip used by Tang Mega 138K Pro is GW5AST-LV138FPG676A. Please select the package model FCPBG676A in the IDE.
Static Electricity Please avoid static electricity hitting the PCBA; release the static electricity from your hands before touching the PCBA.
Tolerance Voltage When using GPIO pin headers for external communication, ensure that the IO voltage is 3.3V. Excessive voltage will permanently damage the PCBA.
FPC Socket When connecting the FPC soft cable, please ensure that the cable is completely and correctly inserted into the socket without any deviation.
PCIE Gold Finger When testing the PCIE gold finger, ensure that both the host and the board are in the off or unpowered state to avoid short-circuiting the gold finger due to displacement during the insertion process.
Plug and Unplug Please completely power off before plugging and unplugging.
Avoid Short Circuit Please avoid any liquid or metal touching the solder pads of the components on the PCBA during the power-on process, otherwise it may cause a short circuit and burn the PCBA.


Tang Mega 138K can meet different needs of customers in various scenarios. For technical support and business cooperation, please contact support@sipeed.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The power light is not on after the board is powered on

  1. Please check if the power switch of the board is turned on.
  2. Check your power supply method.

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