MaixCAM -- Quickly Implement AI Vision and Auditory Projects


Introduction to MaixCAM

MaixCAM is a hardware product designed for better implementation of AI vision, auditory, and AIOT applications. It is a platform that can quickly verify product prototypes and quickly mass-produce. It provides a powerful and cost-effective processor, matching cameras, screens, WiFi, etc., as well as a complete and very easy-to-use software ecosystem.

Suitable application scenarios and crowds:

  • AI algorithm implementation: AI algorithm engineers can quickly deploy their AI models to physical hardware (MaixCAM), providing easy-to-use model conversion tools and SDK.
  • STEM education: Provide easy-to-use MaixPy SDK and matching development tools, as well as online model training platforms. Teachers do not need software and hardware development, focus on teaching, and students can get started quickly.
  • University research and education: Provide rich documents and tutorials, students at all stages of the university have suitable learning routes, and RISC-V and AI cutting-edge technology are also good helpers for scientific research.
  • Prototyping tool for makers and engineers: Carefully designed hardware, rich peripherals, super easy-to-use software, let your interesting ideas and products land quickly, without being trapped in the quagmire of basic software and hardware development.
  • Enterprise product upgrade and implementation: Quickly implement products without expensive R&D costs, or use them to assist products such as production line QA, and use AI vision to realize intelligence of old equipment.
  • Good helper for competitions: MaixCAM + MaixPy + MaixCDK can quickly realize many innovations and functions, suitable as a designated software and hardware platform for competitions, and players can also rely on the development efficiency of the ecosystem to win the competition. Maix series products and MaixPy have been used in various competitions to win awards.

Introduction to MaixCAM Hardware

Component Description
CPU Big Core 1GHz RISC-V C906 processor (there is also a 1GHz ARM A53 core that can be used alternatively), running Linux
CPU Small Core 700MHz RISC-V C906, running RTOS
CPU Low Power Core 25~300MHz 8051 processor, used for low power applications
NPU 1TOPS@INT8, supports BF16 model, rich operator support, supports common models such as Mobilenetv2, YOLOv5, YOLOv8, etc.
Memory 256MB DDR3
Storage TF card boot / SD NAND boot
Camera Supports up to 5M camera, officially supports 4M GC4653 and OS04A10 camera (4 lane MIPI CSI input, 22Pin interface, supports split dual-channel CSI)
Screen 2.3-inch high-definition IPS capacitive touch screen, resolution 552x368 (2 lane MIPI DSI output, standard 31pin interface, 6pin capacitive touch screen)
Audio Output On-board PA power amplifier, can directly connect speakers within 1W on the pin header
Audio Input On-board analog silicon microphone, can directly receive sound
Network On-board WiFi6 + BLE5.4 module, customizable Ethernet version
USB Type-C USB2.0
IO Interface 2 x 14pin 2.54 pin header interface, 800mil spacing, can be directly inserted into the breadboard
Button 1 x RST button + 1 x USER (function) button
LED Power indicator + user LED
Codec H.264 / H.265 / MJPEG hardware decoding, supports 2k@30fps encoding and decoding
Peripheral I2C/SPI/UART/ADC/PWM/WDT and other common peripherals
Shell 3D printed shell, two nut fixing holes, can be fixed on the bracket

MaixCAM Software Ecosystem

We have not only developed the hardware, but also provided a complete software ecosystem for MaixCAM, including:

Name Description Image/Video
MaixPy Python development package, provides a rich and easy-to-use API, optimized for MaixCAM, supports hardware acceleration, provides rich documentation tutorials Please see MaixPy Homepage
MaixVision AI Vision IDE, programming, code running, real-time image preview, and even graphical programming, greatly reducing the difficulty of setting up the development environment and the threshold of use MaixVision
MaixHub Online AI model training platform, no need for AI knowledge and expensive training equipment, one-click model training, one-click deployment to MaixCAM MaixVision
MaixCDK C++ version of MaixPy, developers familiar with C/C++ can get started immediately Please see MaixCDK Homepage
App Store Provides various applications and tools, no need to develop, just download and use, developers can also upload and share applications Please see Maix App Store

Resource Summary

Exclusive Materials for MaixCAM (Provided by Sipeed)

  • Enclosure and Stand: You can find the introduction in MaixCAM Enclosure. Additionally, we provide 3D model files for stands and other components. Please visit and search for MaixCAM.

Chip Information

MaixCAM is based on Sipeed's LiecheeRV-Nano core board, which is based on the SG2002 chip for computing power, so their materials can also be referred to.

Note: MaixCAM can use the materials of LicheeRV-Nano and SG2002, but LicheeRV-Nano and other SG2002 chip products cannot use software such as MaixPy MaixCDK MaixVision, please do not buy the wrong one to waste time and money.
If you want to get started quickly with application development, please choose MaixCAM, if you are a senior Linux developer and only want to develop based on the original SG2002 materials, you can choose LicheeRV-Nano.


There are currently two versions of MaixCAM, the first release special price is 169 yuan (Lite version without screen and shell) and 249 yuan, for details please consult Sipeed Taobao or AliExpress store.