MaixCAM Case


There are a few accessories to note when you receive your device:

  • Lens Cap: Protects the lens during transport. Please remove it before use, otherwise, the image will appear black.
  • Screen Protector: To prevent scratches during transport, there is a thin plastic film on the screen. Please remove it upon arrival, as it can severely affect the viewing quality.
  • Manual Focus Lens: The lens supports manual focusing. Simply rotate the lens gently to adjust the focus. If the image is blurry, it may be due to incorrect focusing.
  • Case: A 3D-printed case that facilitates handling and installation while enhancing aesthetics.


It is strongly recommended to choose the package that includes a TF card, as it comes pre-assembled from the factory and you can skip this step and use it directly.

The device is pre-assembled from the factory, but if you need to replace the TF card or solder pin headers, you can attempt to disassemble it.

Here are some points to note:

  • Ensure the device is powered off before disassembling.
  • There is a thermal pad between the CPU and the case; be careful not to dislodge it during disassembly.
  • Be careful not to damage the camera, touch, and screen ribbon cables (they can easily become loose), and do not break the cables.
  • Pay attention to the orientation of the ribbon cables to avoid inserting them incorrectly.

Replacing the TF Card

  1. Open the Case: Gently pry open the clasps on both sides of the device to separate the front and back covers.

  2. Access the TF Card: Once the case that holds the screen is lifted, you will see the TF card.

  3. Reassemble the Screen: Before reattaching the screen, ensure that the screen's ribbon cable is properly connected. If it is misaligned, reconnect the ribbon cable correctly

Open Source Case Files

File Uploaded on MakerWorld: Click here to view

Recommended Material: It is recommended to use a resin with a heat resistance of 70 degrees Celsius for photopolymerization printing.

Stand Open Source Files

For more open source 3D files, please visit and search for MaixCAM.