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Ubuntu released the image file which can run on LicheeRV. But we can't flash this image file with PhoenixCard application, so here are steps.

After booting this system on LicheeRV, we can use mouse and keyboard to operate this system if connecting this board with HDMI screen, otherwise we can only operate this system by serial communication.

Ubuntu Introduction

Ubuntu is based on another linux distribution Debian, and we can find many answers from internet when meet trouble, which is friendly to beginners and helps them find solutions quickly when they have trouble.

Because of the limited performance, it's suggested running this system by command edition. If you need graphical interface, you need to do it by yourself.

d1_ubuntu_desktop d1_ubuntu_desktop_picture

The photo above is D1 Dock Pro,and it's different with Dock board, Dock Pro board incorporates USB uart port, by which we can communicate the board card with the computer with only one USB TypeC cable. The relevant peripherals can be seen in the following figure.

dock_pro_top_block dock_pro_bottom_block

This board can be bought from aliexpress.


Get image

We upload this image file on mega.


Visit balenaEtcher to download application. We have upload Windows edition software in our Download station, other edition can be downloaded from balenaEtcher official site.

Flash System

Prepare a SD card over 8G, the card with better performance can have better experienxe.

Connect the TF card with computer by SD card reader or SD card slot in the computer. Here is an example about SD card slot in computer, if your computer dose not have SD card slot, you need the SD card reader.

Connect TF card with computer
Connect by SD card reader Connect by SD card slot
d1_ubuntu_sdcard_reader d1_ubuntu_sdcard_computer_reader

Run balenaEtcher, choose the downloaded image file, choose your TF card, click Flash:


Make sure you choose the correct SD card.


This will take a bit time, and after finishing this work it will be like as following figure. If there is no Successful shown after finishing this work, try to reburn this image.


Run System

Finishing flashing system and seeing sucessful shown in the end, we can connect SD card with this board to start ubuntu.


View messages from UART, and we can operate this board by UART.

d1_ubuntu_boot_opensbi ubuntu_boot

Wait a while, then the username and password are both root.


Connect wifi

Use command nmcli to connect 2.4G wireless.

  • Scan wifi
nmcli dev wifi


  • Connect wifi,by command nmcli dev wifi connect wifi_name password wifi_password
nmcli dev wifi connect Sipeed_Guest password 12345678


See successfully, then we have already connected to the wifi, and commands like apt and others work fine.


We can blink led on our board by this Ubuntu system like what we have done on Tina, here are the codes:

Tuen on LED :

echo 1 > /sys/class/leds/\:status/brightness

Note the \ in this command, without which you can't run this command successfully.


Turn off LED :

echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/\:status/brightness


In the end

Based in Ubuntu LicheeRV image, we packed the wireless driver inside, which make user more convenient to experience this system.


No HDMI output

The board will not display HDMI command line when booting, and after the HDMI related service starts LicheeRV displays the command line console on HDMI screen, and some screen is not fit LicheeRV ubuntu image output and will not display the command line console.

Here is the login photo of UART (ttyS0) and HDMI command line console (tty1) of LicheeRV ubuntu image.