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SLogic Combo 8 is a development tool with functions of logic analyzer, CKLink debugger, DAP-Link debugger and USB2UART, which can be switched arbitrarily by buttons.


Function Parameters

SLogic Function Parameters

Logic Analyzer SLogic Combo 8
Maximum Channel Number 8CH
Maximum Sampling Rate 80M
Transmission Bandwidth 320Mb/s
Sampling Mode Stream
Typical Configuration 80M@4CH 40M@8CH
Signal Input Range 0~3.6V
High and Low Level Thresholds VIH>2V VIL<0.8V

In Windows environment, the SLogic Combo 8 has maximum transmission bandwidth of 160 Mb/s. The typical configuration includes 80M@2CH and 40M@4CH.

CKLink SLogic Combo 8
JTAG Clock Rate 16M
Typical Dump Speed 1200KB/s
Debug Serial Port Up to 20Mbps
DAPLink SLogic Combo 8
Debug Serial Port Up to 20Mbps
Typical Burning Speed 110KB/s

UART Function Parameters

High Speed Four Serial Ports SLogic Combo 8
Maximum Baud Rate 2x20Mbps+2x1Mbps
Total Bandwidth 42Mbps

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