Tang Primer 25K


Tang Primer 25K is a minuscule core board (23x18mm) designed based on GW5A-LV25MG121, accompanied by a 25K Dock base board that exposes all pins (excluding MIPI high-speed pins).

The ultra-small core board size can be applied in any volume-restricted scenarios.
The simple base board can connect a USB joystick, plug in a 40Pin SDRAM module, and three PMOD interfaces can connect to an HDMI display, PS2 joystick to form a typical RetroGame console configuration.
It can also be paired with the series of PMOD modules produced by Sipeed, for use in FPGA university teaching.

Purchase link: ALIEXPRESS

Core Board Overview

Basic Parameters

Item Parameter Supplement
FPGA Chip GW5A-LV25MG121
Logic Unit (LUT4) 23040
Register (FF) 23040
Distributed Static Random Access Memory S-SRAM (bits) 180K
Block Static Random Access Memory B-SRAM (bits) 1008K
Number of Block Static Random Access Memory B-SRAM 56
Multiplier (18x18 Multiplier) 28
Phase-Locked Loop (PLLs) 6
Total I/O Bank 8
Flash 64Mbits NOR Flash See Burning to Flash
Overall Packaging 2x60P BTB Core Board
General IO 75
MIPI IO 4lane Data

Dock Base Board Product Image

Board Parameters

Item Parameter Remark
Debugger Onboard high-speed debugger, supports JTAG+UART, uses USB-C port for programming
USB-A One, can be used as a USB1.1 Host to connect game controllers and other HID devices
IO Pin One 2x20Pin 2.54 pin Supports SDRAM module
Button 2
Size 64x40mm

Hardware Information

Specifications, schematics, dimension drawings, etc. can be found here: Click here

  1. Getting Started

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    1. Install IDE: Click here

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    1. If you feel pressured after completing the above lighting operation, you can fill in the gaps yourself:
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      • Online free tutorial: Verilog Tutorial (Learn Verilog)
      • Online free FPGA tutorial: Verilog (English website)
      • Verilog problem-solving website: HDLBits (English website)
      • Online Gowin Semiconductor reference video tutorial: Click here

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How to Download to External FLASH

Set the following options:


No Response or Incorrect Pin Phenomenon After Burning

First, make sure the correct model is selected, each parameter in the figure below is required to be consistent


Then check whether your code and the corresponding simulation waveform meet the requirements

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