Lichee Dock


Lichee RV Dock is a RISC-V Linux development kits with high integration, small size and affordable price designed for opensource developer. It's equipped with HDMI interface and it supports many screen by its screen convert board. It's also equipped with many peripherals, including a USB-A port, 2.4G Wifi-BT module, an analog microphone and a speaker jack interface. These means user can use it to develop or test linux application just by display device and input device like mouse and keyboard, which shortens developer's research and development time.



Item Value
Core board Nezha compute bar
Display port Onboard HDMI output interface;
RGB and MIPI screen interface connect to 2x20 Pins Header and
(We provide this screen converter board t)
Network Onboard 2.4G WIFI+BT module, 2.4G Patch antenna and IPEX connector
USB Onboard USB type-A host
Audio On-board speaker driver circuit (supports 4Ω 3W speakers) and speaker; connector
On-board electrical microphone circuit
Memory Reserved a SOP8 pad, and the connection protocol is the SPI;
Consult for the customer service staff for more information
Extra connector Onborad 30P FPC connector,supports our Mic Array R6 microphone array
GPIO connector Reserved 2x20P 2.54mm pads(Default welding pin headers)
LED An onboard WS2812 RGB LED
An onboard power LED
KEY An onboard reset key
An user's key

3D file


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