Install the IDE

Edit on 2022.04.06

Install the IDE

Due to the IDE updating, the screenshot is created on 2022.04.06

Download the software and install it.This is not a difficult work.

Make sure install all components.

  • When finishing installing, There are 2 drivers need to be installed.

After installing all, There ia an IDE icon is like what is shown below on your desktop.


It may take a time to receive license. During this time we can read GOWIN official documents, which can easily be found after installing IDE.

There are three contents in the IDE installation path : IDE folder, Programmer folder, uninst.exe

  • IDE folder:Here I suggest you view the doc folder, many GOWIN official documents are set in it like showing below.


  • Programmer folder: There are also many documents


Normally we suggest you delete this Programmer folder and use this version Click me,this can reduse many troubles

  • uninst.exe:remove IDE

Activate the IDE

  • Here are two ways to activate the IDE

Using local license

  • Here are two ways to apply for local license

Get license from gowin official website

Visit this page and fill those blanks, then just wait.

Get license from sipeed

  • Normally the license email will be replied on Tuseday or Friday (GMT+8)

The license from sipeed can not be used for V1.9.8 and version before V1.9.8

Send an apply license email to to get a local license.
The title of the email is [Apply Tang Lic]MAC: xxxxxx , the content should be like below:

Company name:
Company website:
Contact person:
Phone number:
Email :
PC MAC address:
license type: local or shared (choose one)
Operating system: Windows or Linux (choose one)
Country or Region:
  • After receiving the license files, using the Browser of the license manager application to add the correct license file.

Using Float license

Float license is only support IDE version before 1.9.8

  • Using the Float license requires the network

The server ip and port are shown below


Burn in linux

Here is a way to Flash the development board in linux click me