Examples of Tang Nano series

Edit on 2022.04.18

Here are Tang Nano series examples and continuously updated


Before reading, we suggest using this Programmer not that installed with IDE

In addition, we are glad you submit or provide a example, and if you have any feasible ideas, you can come up and we'll try it if possible.


Tang Nano

  • The onboard downloader is ch552

Github Repository:

Tang Nano 1K

Github Repository:

Tang Nano 4K

Github Repository:

Tang Nano 9K

Github Repository:

  • Blink
  • LCD screen
  • Run examples of PicoRV
  • litex running on 9K(Preparing, please wait)
  • FPGA drives 1.14-inch SPI screen(Preparing, please wait)
  • PicoRV running on 9K(Preparing, please wait)
  • HDMI display(Preparing, please wait)
  • Drive screen by mipi interface(Preparing, please wait)